Foto Fabio Cravarezza

Said (Sasà) was born in Naples on 06March.1977 by parents both traders.

He is an Italian entrepreneur, manager and talent scout.


In 1996 after the leverage service, recruited in special forces V.A.M.  ( Military Air Force ), begins to work as a trade agent  representing small gifted companies in the Campania area.


With time and hard work, he became a single agent throughout Italy, collaborating with famous high fashion designer brands in today's precious and gifted areas such as Marta Marzotto, Luciano Soprani, Carlo Pignatelli and many more.

In the year 2002, sector CCS was the best seller of the year on Italian territory, receiving the V & V "Winning Seller" certificate.

In 2009 he moved to Switzerland (Canton Ticino) for him considered a place of excellence for a good life and in the Swiss territory he founded UNIQUE Management & Communication where he attended for work reasons the neighboring Milan city known for fashion and entertainment To be totally involved in the world of events and the Jet Set, thus gaining popularity with important professional goals.

In 2014 he became National Director for North Italy and local director in Canton Ticino of the well-known Slide magazine directed by Nadia Bengala (ex Miss Italy), while with Unique organizes luxury events for an audience Selected by coordinating direct and indirect collaborations with various publicity characters of the Show Business often present in his worldly events.

Great worker, always on Swiss territory and managed to manage new business projects, creating new business today important in the various sectors of affiliation where collaborating in close contact with the various delegates of companies, together they affirmed their own brands thus becoming a leadership Of a large entrepreneurial group, Sidea360 Group,  influencing others more than they are influenced by themselves.

In January 2017, he is offered the management of the canoral competition in Switzerland Sanremo New Talent, so to date it is engaged in another major challenge with decisive and successful results.


In January 2018 he accepted the position of the management, cast artistico Miss Principessa d`Europa, international beauty contest ( source Mediaset TGCOM24 ).

In April 2018 he became general manager of SwisStart, the exclusive dealership in the world of Slide, the magazine no. 1 of major events, presenting in Lugano and then in Milan the official launch for the new office.

In April 2018 he took charge of the sales and marketing department of the prestigious Milano Fashion Show, a collateral event at the Milan Fashion Week known worldwide in the high fashion sector.

In September 2018 he was entrusted with the marketing direction of the prestigious National Award ST.Oscar of fashion.


Beyond the offices held, it is the direct management of  television personalities who are part of their team.

His well-known quotation "rich planning poor hope", is not entirely understood on the individual's individual economic basis, but on the basis of believing in everything that is done and done It is always better to put the various professional and personal goals at the same level, because when you are rich in ideas and motivated you always reach the line of success the same line that appeals to men as he is ambitious creative and thirsty to learn.

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